Our World Is Shifting/ 3 WaysTechnology Development Is Changing The World Faster Than Before

Hammad Ahmad
3 min readDec 17, 2021

The unique and astonishing things we are seeing around this decade will make you recall the technology definition. The word “technology development” has always amazed us, but the progress of this century is unparallel.

To dive into the topic of how the world is no longer going to look the same, we have to ask once again, what is technology?

We’ve summed up a few things that are responsible for the massive world-shifting ideas. Let’s go through a few things here. Tell me your own opinion about them.

Living In The Matrix

If you are aware of the simulation theory( that we are all living in a simulation, that is built by a more advanced civilization), you may down that even if this world is real, what if we could plug into the matrix? We certainly are ( most probably in a few decades).

How? you may ask. Well, the simplest way to answer this is “The Metaverse”-You might be seeing yourself being teleported to anywhere you want to. There will be no more long-distance relationships, or at least they won’t be a problem.

How you may ask?

With the change of name of “Facebook.co” to “Meta”, the company has more to show than just connecting people. It has released its own concept of “The Metaverse”. This is the first step to a totally different world. A utopia world where the impossible becomes possible. Talking about the future, we have endless possibilities. From VR headsets to glasses, the virtual world might someday be contracted into an eye lens. Who Knows?

Gaming Is No More Just Gaming

The shift of perspective using a VR headset, allows us to redesign our environment. This will add more perfect meaning to the word joy. The virtual reality tech is still on the high ground, even with a small percentage of effort. Imagine how far can it go. How much huge progress can it make?

What games are being played?

Virtual reality technology already has a massive impact on the gaming industry. The day is not far where the concept from the movie “Ready Player One” is not just fiction anymore. You will be sensing and feeling the game rather than playing it.

“Beat Saber” is a great game at the time. The others in the VR race include;

  • Tetris Effect
  • Blood And Truth
  • Half-life…etc

Art Like Never Before

Digital art is showing a crazy growth in line with gaming tech. A most simple example of this is the NFT(nonfungible token). Something that has value in a digital market can be sold for insane amounts of dollars.

GIF images are sold for up to half a million dollars( you might have heard of a gif cat). These are one of a kind and are not replaceable.

Tweets are being sold for millions. That’s the 2021 tech magic and it is exploding the market. The world has never seen anything like this before.

Your Takeaway

There’s a lot to see and imagine what the near future brings. It is going to be a fascinating journey ahead. You should brace yourself for the shift in the market as technology development takes over. This ride is going to be enjoyable.



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